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With so many new games coming out every day we are getting to tired of keeping trends. Instead, we love to get back to some of the best old school video games ever made and relive that challenge all over again. Here are top picks to feed your hunger for nostalgia .

Age of Empire 2 (Microsoft) (1999)

Back in 90s we were all very desperate for proper strategy game. Age of Empires 1 was fine but it felt like its not finished game. With release of AOE 2 million gamers worldwide got high quality real time strategy game that won hearths and minds of players all over the world in a blitz. Building simple settlement in dark age and progressing to imperial age while making sure your economy as well as your military remain as strong as possible while trying to beat opponents that also try to do same. Now forget about all those patches and expansions that came after. We are talking about vanilla game that had huge impact on market back then. It was game like no other game before with all cool stuff like war elephants, viking ships, Teuton knights clashing in one big fight for their own empire. Single-player mode was history driven, with a lot of things being actually true. William Wallace, Attila the Hun, Joan of Arc and other historical figure will take you on journey of your lifetime (that is if you are 90s kid ) . What’s even more impressive, even thou AOE3 came out, this game still have loyal fun base and its even being streamed regularly on Twitch TV. It is very popular in gaming community and it stands for example of what strategy game should be.

Tomb Rider (Eidos) (1996)

First Tomb Rider was revolutionary game. Before you stop and ask why let us remind you that it was first game with major female action-hero as protagonist and for that time graphic and story was just WOW ! Honestly I remember playing it with my friends on Pentium 2 PC and we were all like ,,Omg look how real this graphic is, And it sure was, whole game had that cinematic feel, it was like you are playing a movie not a game. Gameplay was very innovative for that time, background music was awesome and most important it was VERY fun to play. This very game served as template for many other 3D action games to come. It was probably one of the most influential action games with 7 million copies sold.


The Secret of Monkey Island (Lucasfilm Games) (1990)

The Secret of Money Island came out in 1990 (yeah that’s right, almost 30 years ago) and was (many think it still is) best 2D adventure game. This comic like game is what we call today point and click. Game is set in Caribbean in Years of Piracy, and was first adventure game that didn’t had fixed backgrounds instead background was moving alongside with player. Huge deal back then.All dialogs were 8bit stylished and graphic was really awesome for 2D game. Story is surprisingly connected and fun to follow, publisher did its best to immerse player into that world considering technology they had to work with. There is more than few remakes of these game but honestly none of those have same felt. In today kids slang this game was LIT ! :

RollerCoaster Tycoon ( Hasbro Interactive) (1999)

This list would not be complete without proper old school simulation game. RollerCoaster Tycoon was all about building than running an amusement park. Title may give you feeling that all you gonna do gonna be building roller coasters but that assumption is very far from truth. Player have freedom to plan, build and manage theme amusement park that they would go into but you also need to think about happiness of your visitor, money and overall growth of your park. There was not many games that have all this combined back in 90s. This game was starting point of many other tycoon games and with many more RollerCoaster Tycoon games coming up one after another game became very popular. Each game raised amount of freedom player have but also made every game more complex and harder to play. But there is no challenge in easy right ?

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (Blizzard) (1996)

Coming up with another classic RPG/Strategy game. Warcraft introduced race system into games. Now instead of choosing civilization like in Age of Empires you could simply choose entire race and well fight your opponents while managing your base and your military outposts. Game won every major PC gaming award in 1996. Many expansions and patches followed culminating with edition that allowed online multiplayer games. This was huge breakthrough. Its also one of very few games that replaced MS-DOS version to Windows version. This lore rich game ignited creation of unique GAMING UNIVERSE that culminated with World of Warcraft , massive, well-known and very popular game today.Warcraft also had very huge moder community and that same community created many towers def fence / lore friendly / dungeon like versions of the game as well as loyal fan base. Blizzard felt full glory with this one and in term of earning this launched them sky-high. Another interesting fact is that Blizzard introduced ,,fog of war,, first time in this game,concept of map creation/exploration unknown back in those days. Game also had big impact on Blizzards next hit StarCraft and attention to personality and story line in games which became trademark for this company. Next Warcraft game that was same with better graphic was starting point of another big hit we all know today. That’s right DOTA was once nothing more than Warcraft mod.

We do hope you had nice trip down the memory lane. We are aware that there is large number of old school games that deserve place on this list, but we are trying to keep it short. More classic games in some other future article. We would like to hear from you suggestions on what games that should be so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Happy GAMING !


2 thoughts on “Best old school video games – Top picks

  1. Surprised pac-man didn’t make this list! haha I guess I’m an 80’s child so this list is a bit newer.
    I did recognize some of these, because of my nephew loving them. Will share this with him.

  2. I really liked the post. Unfortunately I only got to play a few of these. I never had a pc back in the day so all of my old school picks are console games. The ones that got ported over were a blast to play tho.

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