A female gaming influencer has been dropped by a sponsor for tweeting “men are trash” after she was sexually harassed by a man online.

On 21 June, Gabriela Cattuzzo, a well-known streamer in Brazil, posted a photograph of herself riding a mechanical bull on Twitter.

On the image, a male Twitter user commented: “You can ride me if you want”.

In response, Cattuzzo tweeted: “There’s always going to be f***ed in the head macho man to talk s*** and sexualise women until the woman starts making jokes, right?

“And this is why men are trash.”

After recognising her comment may have gone too far, Cattuzzo followed up by saying she didn’t believe all men are problematic.

However, gaming hardware company Razer, which works with Cattuzzo to promote new gaming products, tweeted a statement saying that it will be letting its contract with the influencer expire and not be renewing it.

We would like to make it clear that Gabi is not a spokesperson for Razer and has never been a brand ambassador,” the tweet read.

“She was part of a team of influencers who were called upon to use and publicise the brand’s products.

“As gamers, we face every type of preconception and stereotype from the outset, and we will continue fighting so that this type of situation doesn’t repeat itself.”

The statement concluded by saying the company opposes any kind of “extremism”.

Following the announcement, people on Twitter came to Cattuzzo’s defence and criticised Razer for overreacting.

“I was going to buy a @Razer mouse but I just found out it is a trash company who fires the oppressed and protect the oppressors. This is for Gabi,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “Shame on you @Razer ! You should be ashamed of yourself to not support your streamer…. you are pathetic and encourage toxicity… well done. I’ll never buy for you again.”


Cattuzzo also responded to Razer’s tweet with an additional statement in which she said she never intended to “insult all men”.

“Please understand: I post photos every day, and every day the majority of the comments are offensive or sexualising something that doesn’t have to be sexualised,” Cattuzzo wrote on Twitter.

“The men who comment with interesting things or non-offensive comments here on Twitter are few (and for these people I am thankful, they are the exceptions that redeem my day).”

She concluded the message by saying is taking a break from social media after receiving death threats against her and her family.

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