Fortnite Update Adds ‘The Combine’ Playlist, Tweaks Controller Settings


Patch 10.40 in Fortnite brings several changes to improve the game experience for controller users. Epic Games is also adding in a new playlist called “The Combine”, which is a place to hone your skills, particularly useful before diving into a match. Both additions will be welcome to players, especially for aim assist, as the changes are meant to fix problems sometimes faced in combat.

Controller Sensitivity

Epic Games is providing a rework to controller sensitivity options. There will be 10 pre-set options to select, which should be enough for most players. Beyond that, there is an Advanced Settings screen that lets players fine tweak their sensitivity to exactly where they need it, though this is more than likely going to be used for testing purposes and by professional players more than anyone else. Check out the full patch notes here for more details, as the full list of options is quite long.

New Controller Aim Assist

Epic has also implemented a new form of aim assist that is meant to provide consistency for its user and avoid situations that can lead to frustration. The example they provide is if a player is shooting at one opponent, but then the aim assist moves over to a new target who may happen to temporarily enter a certain field of view or is within a certain distance of the player relative to the original target.

To accomplish this goal, Epic states that, “calculates targets in screen space, which allows a more consistent feel regardless of that target’s range. This new system applies different aim assist strengths based on that target’s distance from the reticle. Aim Assist now tracks multiple targets and will apply assistance based on a weighting algorithm.”


The introduction of the new aim assist will not provide any additional advantage to players using controllers, but will instead work to ensure consistency, as it can be frustrating to lose to another player because the aim assist decides to pull away from your intended target.


The Combine

Lastly, Epic is adding in The Combine Playlist, which is a space where players can go to hone their skills. They describe it as working putting skill and muscle memory to the test with a goal of reaching the end as quickly as possible while eliminating all targets along the way.

In truth, The Combine has elements we see in Fortnite: Save the World, where players can make elaborate bases or defenses and then need to eliminate Husks. Although there is no time keeping in that mode, the game indirectly tests your speed by throwing waves of enemies at you that require elimination quickly.

It would be useful to see additional creations made to provide players a location to practice their building, movement, and target practice. For now, The Combine is a great start.


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