Is Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim peak of Bethesda fame !?


Published on November 11 ,2011 fift instalment of mega popular Elder Scrolls series outlived even wildest expectations.Whats makes Skyrim so unique and special? How long it will last ? What is keeping it alive ? Keep reading to find out !

Content , system , open world ,graphic ?

When it came out, Skyrim was one of the kind. Open world RPG with medieval spirit set in fantasy world full of magic. Game was like no other at that time.Starting as prisoner sentenced to death penalty going all the way to hero of nation ! Very high number of quest , really good main story set 500 years after events in Oblivion , Skyrim was dream come true for many gamers. Graphic was advanced for that time with HD mods following. Life was good but after few years game started to die out. No matter how many characters you make , how many quest you do there was always something else to discover….Eventually lot of discoveries ended up on YouTube so with every day there was less and less you could expect to find on your own while exploring around wast ope word of province of Skyrim.

What kept Skyrim going ?

Like we mentioned after all those years game started to die out , but having player base like no other game before have some really cool perks. Very large Skyrim community kept game alive alongside with very big modding community….So after vanilla was ,,cleared,, it was time for some heavy modding. Lore friendly modes started poping out all over internet. And lot of players were re-living a game. Honorable mention to some not so lore friendly modes but it was all part of experimenting with game that was already perfect .

Can Bethesda do it again ?

So after making perfect game that gonna live up more than 10 year with loyal community still playing/making modes can Bethesda make something similar again ? Skyrim creator Tom Howard said that TES 6 is gonna be around for decades once its published. No matter how much we love Tom we must say we are seriously doubt it . We will explain why but we are sure that you already know it….Yes Fallout 76 ! After making huge hype how its gonna be game like no other game ever published, how its gonna be better than all those Fallout games before , after years of developing original multiplayer game they failed to provide what they promised. Game backfired BIG TIME , forcing publisher to sell it half price justr few weeks after release. Bethesda is in video game business for money , and if they spent more time developing Fallout 76 , or TES 6 for that matter , instead of re-publishing Skyrim on every possible console there is maybe bot games would be lot better. If they use same method on TES 6 we cant expect much to be honest.No matter how loyal Skyrim players are they will never swallow bad game in the name of nostalgia.


After everything said its time to answer the question. Yes we do think that Skyrim is peak of Bethesda fame and that they will never make game that good.Yeah sure TES 6 will be good but if they keep chasing money instead of quality they will never make something like gaming miracle called Skyrim !

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