Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: How To Capture The Wolf Man ?


So begins Rockstar’s newest iteration on the Frontieres Pursuits DLC, a legendary bounty involving a villain whose company isn’t like-minded, feeble outlaw minions, but a pack of hungry and ferocious wolves. Red Dead Online is fast-growing, drawing in new content by the week. With eight more slated for the future, Wolf Man is only the second in a long line of bounties that will challenge each and every player.

So, you better grab that bolas and reinforced lasso, because this bounty isn’t going down without a fight.


New Collectibles & Free Aim Elimination Series

The newest update not only adds the legendary Wolf Man; Madam Nazar is receiving a new setlist of collectibles for the types who crave adventure over bloodshed. The three items of interest include Cognac, Beauchêne Ruby Earrings, and Beaulieux Diamond Ring, all of which are among The Saint Denis Collection. One swift YouTube Collector seems to have already gathered them all, but the chase is on: only one player in every session can snag the necessary item.

In addition, there are also all-new clothes added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, which include new hats, the Fuentes Poncho, Rutherford and Strayhorn boots, Inglett scarf, and a new bandanna. That’s not all, as even PVP is getting its own brand new iteration called the Free Aim Elimination Series, which will challenge the best of Red Dead‘s shooters by way of disabling lock-on while in the mode.

This is one of many features players have been begging Rockstar to add for quite some time. Since Showdown Mode and PVP are getting less attention, what with the Pursuits’ roles allowing for far more work in free roam, one of the biggest problems the game has faced since launch has been amended at the cost of PVP hype.


How To Find The Wolf Man & Take Him Down

Located in the north by Lake Isabella, the no-named Wolf Man resides with his not-so-friendly wolves. He runs without warning, even with the protection of his animalistic horde. As the opening for the legendary bounty relates in kind, “Be warned though, like most things wild, I expect he’ll be skittish. His wolves on the other hand… might not be.

He’s certainly a wild one. It will take a little while to find him, so expect to encounter plenty of his ferocious compatriots before even locating the Wolf Man, who can be tracked by his footprints left in the snow.

Players should wear some winter-weather gear, specifically a warm coat, and bring a great deal of shotgun ammo, as well as some arrows, as they’re best used against the wolves. The bolas comes in handy here, too. Though he may run without warning, the throwables will easily stop him from getting away while you deal with his angry wolfpack.

It’s certainly easier than the last legendary bounty, as the whole horde of shooters in the Gaptooth Mine created a lot of chaos. The Wolf Man is relatively easy to take in once he’s in chains and saddled on the back of the player’s horse. All you have to worry about is getting back to the jail in one piece – literally. Those wolves won’t be too happy after seeing their master taken in.

Other Changes

While a previous patch changed every player’s character for the worst, their newest update is one to be remembered. Rockstar has certainly paid attention to player feedback and the necessity to create varied content for a wide range of individuals.

Though the Trader role is still be experiencing issues, there are now loads of things to find and achieve in-game. Reaching tier 70 in the Outlaw Pass, along with capturing the legendary Wolf Man rank high among these many endeavors, plus Madam Nazar’s payout for collections is a steal. While bounty hunting, players should keep an eye out for valuables, as they oftentimes share locales and can be found along the way. Players should buy the shovel as soon as possible since it gives them access to more items.

Only six months ago, players would have never dreamed that Red Dead Onlinewould undergo so much change. The game growing faster than GTA Online. There’s plenty to enjoy in this wild ride through the west.

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