Top gaming mouse pads


Its those little things that make PC gaming special. I mean it is cool to have joystick on console but mouse and keyboard is different type of skill. Here we gonna review five top gaming mouse pads. Make your pick because they are all awesome .

1 SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

Simple and effective, this is the best description we can put on this one. With price range from $5 to $10 this affordable pad is basic for anyone gets into PC gaming. Its good for beginners and for those on budget. Awesome top material and non-slipping back make it perfect for any surface. And lets be honest black mouse pad can’t look bad.

2 Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad

You know how they say, bigger is better. Well this big mouse pad will fit your wide desk perfectly. You got room for keyboard, mouse, cup of coffee and even your headphones when your ears need rest.If you like design but not size there are also smaller versions of same pad, but we really like XL one … With price tag of $33 it is not cheap but it is worth of every penny.

3 SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – XL RGB Prism Cloth

Everyone loves shinny things right ? Well this baby comes in more than one size and guess what ? It glows, BIG TIME. Fancy multi color edges will give your set up that WOW effect everyone is looking for. Price tag of $50 is not really cool but if you want to say ,,Shine, baby, shine,, every time you turn on your PC than this is pad for you .

4 Razer Firefly

You can’t really consider buying anything without checking what Razer have. These guys are well know in PC gaming world and don’t need any introduction. Their Firefly pad is awesome, shinny and well expensive. But pro gamers chose only best right ? Not really, they chose what works for them. In this case Razer gonna add some professional look to your set up, shinny edges makes it even more attractive and suptile logo on top will scream : ,,Look at me, I’m Razer and im awesome, For general effect be ready to pay around $80 , but hey all your friends gonna be jealous right ?

5 ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad

You like red and black ? We know we like it and that’s why this mat is on our list. Maybe it is not best pad in the world but it is among best looking mats we could find online. High quality and ok price make this extra large mouse pad extremely attractive.Its not popular as Razor but it far from simple and unknown. Affordable price tag of $50 for offered quality is not much and lets be honest there is no set up that this thing don’t fit.



Yeah we know, mouse pads are expandable and you should not spend that much money to get them. Well lucky for you we got solution for that to. Cheap and reliable, long-lasting and replaceable. Buy 20 in price of one and change them now and then. If that sounds good for you we advise you go visit THIS WEB SITE and get bunch of mouse pads for couple of bucks.


There you go, from best and expensive to cheap but reliable. Make your pick fellow gamers and let that mouse slide into horizon. Until next time, your gaming buddies from GamersZonee ! 🙂

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