Video Game Universe – What game have best one ?


In years of playing RPG and open world games you can’t help but notice that every game creator is trying to create unique video game universe associated to very same game. Some became well-known by diversity and originality. In this article we will visit some best games out there to find out who created the best fictional gaming world .

Tamriel (Bethesda)

This one is way to obvious. Bethesda created entire planets and realms with their own unique history, heroes, economy and much, much more. All games created in this universe are taking place in continent of Tamriel (although few quests will lead you into realms of Oblivion ) . Tamriel is complex continent made of several states with each place inhabited with different species. All states are dependent on each other in economical and military sense but still have very high level of independence. All those states together are part of EMPIRE ! Huge and powerful with rich history and lore. The Latest Bethesda game in this series bring you to north empire of Skyrim who is on verge of independence. Politics and economy is not all Bethesda created in this world. Major world events are shaping story in unpredictable ways and this ever evolving world is getting more diverse and rich with every game they create. Honorable mentions is realm of Oblivion where infamous Deadra leaves and rule over life of mortals.

Fallout (Alternate time world ) (Bethesda)

In this universe Bethesda creators played with alternative time line or how they love to say, they created some point in time human civilization took different course leading to many strange events, technology breakthroughs and of course wars. Major event here is catastrophic nuclear war that turned world into wasteland. To all those who played this game talking about originality is not needed. Few unique factions, for example Brotherhood of Steel or Cesars Legion are taking this serie to a whole new level. If you ever wondered how it feels to man a machine gun dressed as Roman legionary, well you are in the right place. Lore in this world is like in the best Hollywood movies. Lots of twists, puzzles, radiation, explosions, survival and best of all guns. Very unique guns. From prewar sniper riffles to ultra modern plasma and laser weaponry, Fallout have it all. From economic and political view this world is highly complicated. Every are in games is ruled by major faction that struggle for domination with lot of smaller factions. One more thing worth mentioning here is currency of the game. Bottle caps, yeap you read it right, BOTTLE CAPS ! Better save those caps boys and girls you might need it .

Azeroth (Blizzard)

World of Azeroth created by Blizzard for their Warcraft franchise. Home to several continents and inhabited by lot of races (Trolls, humans, orcs, night elfs, demons, undeads, goblins, you name it ) With eternal fight beat win Alliance and Horde shape of this world is in constant change. Economy is based on gold, silver and copper. Major world events such is invasion of Burning Legion or human king gone mad and turned into Lich King are changing this world rapidly thus forcing player to adapt and evolve their skills alongside with their character. If you ask what is so special about it well let me just tell you, this guys have it all. Want to fly on dragon ? No problem. Fishing ? We got you covered. Everything from making potions, fishing, being a doctor (First Aid profession) or Archaeologist (Archaeology profession) , blacksmith, minner, herbalist, you can do any job you want to earn much-needed gold that you can spend on gear, mounts, food even alcohol. Want to trow a party? Just chose location, gather friends, wear tuxedo set, buy some ale from the nearest village, light up bone fire and party ON ! Never ending raids on fellow players in different faction or rebels kings and their armies. They also created their own way top count time but they use some real world references on some dates. Like Brewfest being in October is very similar to Oktoberfest. You can go get wasted and race whit your friends using racing rams. Drink with Dwarf until New Year and then try to save Santa Claus from evil undead. Thing with this world and games is, you can never finish it as it always evolve and there always something you didn’t try,

Minecraft (countless number of universes) (YOU)

Now this one is tricky. This one is actually giving you freedom to create your own world under your own rules. Minecraft gives player randomly generated world with everything one world should have. Landscapes, inhabitants,animals, plants, everything mother nature can offer. Your job is to re-shape it in any way you see fit. Two way of playing it : survival and creative. In survival your world is influenced by day/night cycle, need for water and food is also something to think about, shelter and much more. Harder to play but bigger challenge. In creative you get to build what ever you want without any limitation. This way every world players create is very unique and limited only by players creativity. What’s even better, unlike other universes we were talking, this one is unlimited (or only limited by your PC memory) So no matter how big you want your world this game can handle it. For all those people playing Minecraft and building something great this is indeed their very own reality in which they can create and express themselves in virtual world without any limitations. Oh and dirt projects are not that bad no matter what someone tells you.

There are many more …

Now these are 4 top picks for today but we are assuring you there are much more vast and original game universes out there waiting to be discovered or created. Gaming companies are working all the time to create those better than before (or better than ones competition have ) These four that we talked about have much more in them and would take us days to write all little details. If you find this article fun to read please give us suggestion in comment section about different worlds we should visit and write about. Thanks for reading, dont forget to share 🙂

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