WoW : Shadowlands – What to expect ?



WoW : Shadowlands is announced on this years BlizzCon and will take players to another dimension that we dont know how to describe. First word that comes in mind is well HELL. Thats where our favorite villain (or is it ) Sylvanas is headed and thats where players will follow her to stop her from getting destructive powers and destroy our beloved Azeroth. Blizzard is saying this gonna be expansion that will change game completely ( Im not sure I like how that sounds to be honest ). Lots of things are still left in dark and details emerging every day but here is what we know so far :

Release date ?

We cant tell you exact date but Blizzard confirmed its gonna be 2020. Now considering experience with previous expansions we are safe to say we can expect it around July or August. Summer is great time to launch new content.

Premise ?

Whole story is taking place after Battle for Azeroth (we are still waiting for one more update on that) .Sylvanas go crazy and destroy Helm of Domination thus destroying barrier between Azeroth and Shadowlands (WoWs universe version of afterlife) . Guess what ?  You are going there with her and you are going to try and stop her. Sounds like fun , even thou personally I hate even thinking about hurting my queen (Yeah Sylvanas loyalist writing article cheers ) .Get ready to ally with multiple factions inside Shadowlands and stop mad queen from ….well we are not sure what she want to do but you can bet its not good.


New Zones

Blizzard is adding several new zones into this expansion (as we expected right? ) Four leveling zones , new central hub called Oribos and max level endgame zone called The Maw . Not much details leaked about these zones so stand by for update 🙂

Covenants !

This is where it gets interesting. Each zone you go is home to different faction (similar like in outland but instead of multiple opposed factions we see here one that have specific role in afterlife) .As you help them out they will award you with some awesome stuff like faction-specific gear and two special abilities, one class-specific and one universal.Once you hit max level you chose what covenant will be your main ally.

Endgame and dungeons :

Blizzard is adding 8 new dungeons at launch and few raids later.You can unlock four of them while leveling and four more after you hit max level.

Level cap is 60 !?

So yeah instead of going 130 lvls they decided is better to roll it back to lvl 60 being max level.Lets be honest thats not really bad new , instead of wasting months to level to enjoy end game content lower level cap makes it more interesting as you wont spend eternity leveling and getting bored by game without even hitting max level.You start as level one in brand new zones designed to provide tutorial for new players. Once you reach level 10 you can chose expansion you wanna go trough and level until 50.After that its welcome to Shadowlands until level 60.

Everyone can be Death Knight !

So in character customization there is lot of new stuff…Skin color , tattoos , hair styles etc.But biggest surprise is that now every race can play as Death Knight. Yeah that include pandas too 😀  These are just tip of the iceberg as we are getting more and more info on this subject every day. Make sure you check back in week or too we might have more information 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy hunting 🙂

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